Mushroom spawn

Spawn Maintenance
A desirable mycelial culture is pure free of contaminants and of sectoring
of other abnormalities. Contaminants   include other fungi, bacteria, or
insects growing on or infesting the  culture media along with the desired
mycelial culture. When a culture is  first obtained, it should be transferred
several times to fresh media to check for any form of contamination
    Sectoring is any type of mycelial   growth that differs in appearance,
growth rate, color, or in any other way  from the typical appearance of a given  strain. Sectoring is often observed as a  more rapidly growing area near the  leading edge of growth, exhibiting a  different growth habit from the rest of  the culture. Other abnormalities that  might appear in a culture are fluffy,  aerial mycelia, thick or rubbery   textures, and color changes such as  browning or darkening of the mycelium.
    Sectors of other change in  vegetative growth could affect the
productivity of the culture. Therefore,  recognizing and avoiding propagation  of abnormal mycelia to agar and  further spawn production is very  important.
    There is no in vitro test to determine a  stock culture’s validity. A series of  cropping trials must be conducted on  the mycelial stock culture to determine  a culture line’s value. Mushroom  yield, size, color, cap shape, and any  other desired quality or growth factors  are selected and then compared for  each culture line.
    Many commercially prepared spawn  strains are available to commercial and  noncommercial growers. All commercially  grown strains are pure culture of  edible, fresh mushrooms; some may  vary in texture and growing requirements.
Mushroom spawn is produced  in several different strains or isolates.
Hybrid White is a smooth-cap, highyield,  excellent processing strain.
Hybrid Off-White has a cap that is  slightly scaly on first break and is a
preferred fresh-market strain, and  Brown (Portabella, Crimini) produces
a chocolate-brown, mature mushroom  that is fleshy and has a strong, mature  flavor.

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